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Spiny Dogfish Devour Pelican!

Killer whales aren’t the only hungry predators off of North Carolina right now. A former student of mine just e-mailed me these pictures from a fishing trip off of Cape Lookout.  He was looking for stripers and saw commotion in … Continue reading

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Orcas Spotted off Oregon Inlet

And you thought dogfish stealing your catch was bad…  Recently a group of fishermen looking for bluefin tuna off of Oregon Inlet here in North Carolina’s very own Outer Banks had quite the show as a pod of orcas appeared … Continue reading

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Interesting Dogfish Behavior from YouTube

I think anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis can agree that, overall, YouTube is good stuff.  It has its pitfalls for sure: bad karaoke, those stupid “jump scare” videos, and don’t even read the comments if any … Continue reading

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Resource Partitioning in Sharks – How Predators Get Along

I’ve reached a point in the analysis and writing of my thesis where I can start exploring the ecological concepts behind my results, which inspired me to put up this little post here.  In the marine environment, there is often … Continue reading

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Wolves at the Door: Shark Interactions with Aquaculture

In the greater spectrum of shark/human interactions, the majority of encounters undoubtedly take place between sharks and fishermen, even if encounters between sharks and swimmers get all the press.  However, that aquaculture is becoming more widespread as a use of … Continue reading

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Fear Will Keep Them in Line

As a lifelong shark lover whose thesis research happens to be on the subject of predation, I’m a little obsessed with the ecology of predation.  Earlier I posted on trophic cascades and debate over whether they are a strong enough … Continue reading

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Fleeing Prey Gives Away Predators

I’ve been remiss in reading Greg Laden’s blog, though it’s familiar to plenty of other science bloggers.  However, after reading a couple recent posts of his that showed up on Research Blogging (which I think anyone with an interest in … Continue reading

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