Apologies All Around

Apologies for the incredibly slowed pace of posting here.  Between travel, moving into a new apartment, and an academic week from hell I’ve been sadly neglecting Ya Like Dags? for a couple weeks.  I’m coming out of the busy times now, so keep checking in for some upcoming posts I have planned.  Also, I’ve continued to link to stuff I find interesting over on the Twitter feed (which you can now follow in the sidebar) so be sure to follow me there for quick updates and short commentary.

While I ramp things back up here, enjoy this grainy footage of blacktip sharks I took while fishing:


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  2. Iris · October 10, 2011

    I know the feeling! I missed the first week of classes for Ricker trawling and I’m STILL playing catch up…not even mentioning actual thesis work. My goal is to be coherent by the end of this week.

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