Age and Growth

As you may have seen on Southern Fried Science, I and three other more-than-deserving bloggers have been pulled up to the big leagues.  I’m excited about this opportunity and looking forward to contributing to what has been one of my favorite places on the internet.  Be sure to check over there for marine science with a southern drawl from writers both new and old.

So what does this mean for Ya Like Dags?  Well, this blog will continue to exist as it has for 2.75 years now, as a remora attached to the larger fish that is Southern Fried Science.  And like the mighty dogfish, it will adapt.  While my “big-picture” posts on fisheries management and general-interest marine biology will go up at the parent blog, field work recaps and shorter, observational posts will continue to appear here.  So really, if you want the full Dags experience you’ll have to follow both blogs.

As always, thanks for reading and if you’re the rare reader that isn’t also regularly reading the parent blog, I hope you’ll join me there too.