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While I find time to put something more substantial up here, here are some nifty blogs I’ve stumbled across in the past week or so.

-For those who liked my post on tagged fish being eaten by sharks, check out the entire pelagic predator tagging program at the Global Tagging of Pelagic Predators blog.  You should also check out their main site, where you can track tagged sharks, seals, and sea turtles in real time.

-I also found this gem linked off of my previous past: Out of Context Science, a tumblr site where single quotes are taken from articles about science and presented completely out of context.  It makes quote-mining fun!

-Finally, check out The Dented Bucket, by a fellow URI alum with an extensive background in fisheries.  I’m a big fan of his writing style and he’s very even-handed in his approach to writing about fishing and fisheries.

Check ‘em out!

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2 Responses to Adding to the Blogroll

  1. John Lee says:

    Chuck thanks for finding and spreading me to your followers. A blog about dogfish–I like it. I’ll check back here often. Are you on twitter or do you have a dogfish facebook page? I do follow some people in the SFS network. Anyway, if you have any New England dogfish questions or dogfish questions and loligo squid let me know. I also have or can get you photos of dogs on deck.

    I’m learning about the blog world. I didn’t even know you had a link when you posted a comment on the dented bucket till my brother said, “What’s up with the guy with the dogfish blog?” and I said, “What dogfish blog?” So that’s why it has taken me a few weeks to say thanks for sharing me with your followers. Last thing: if you go on the dented bucket facebook page–which you should follow–there is a post I made about dogfish. Not everyone, as you know, likes them, both fisherman and managers.

    The TV series blue plant has some very cool footage of spiny dogs chasing sand eels on the surface up in the Bay of Fundy. You’ve probably seen it. Very cool.

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