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Enjoying Seafood While Knowing Too Much

I freely admit that I enjoy seafood.  I grew up in New England, where the American seafood industry was practically invented, and now live in North Carolina, where the confluence of cold and warm water at Cape Hatteras makes for … Continue reading

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The Case Against Dolphin-Safe Tuna

Here’s another shining example of a post I should have had up a week ago before life intervened.  Last week the World Trade Organization ruled that the dolphin-safe label on canned tuna unfairly discriminates against Mexican fishermen.  The debate could … Continue reading

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The Future

Posts have been a little sparse here for the past month or so, and it’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time a.) finishing up my first year of PhD school, and b.) setting up a new batch of … Continue reading

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My Thesis: The Liner Notes

Whew.  What a semester end that was (I’m still trying to survive the fallout).  The first year of the PhD is down, and with it hopefully most of my class load so I can get to the fun stuff.  This … Continue reading

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