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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take this moment to wish a happy new year to all readers, fellow ocean bloggers, and people stumbling across this on the internet.  Make sure you have a safe place to land if you overindulge, and may … Continue reading

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Happy Fishmas to All

Whatever your flavor of yuletide cheer, have yourself a quality Christmas Eve.  Here’s that most secular of winter holiday icons giving the gift of tasty fish to sand tiger sharks in Auckland, NZ.

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Dogfish on Tour: Upcoming Travel Plans

Hope everyone’s holiday break is going well.  There are a couple sciencey-type events coming up that I’m planning on attending in the new year.  Both have the added benefit of taking place in North Carolina, which simplifies travel plans nicely.  … Continue reading

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Who’s Eating Atlantic Salmon?

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) just can’t catch a break.  Like their Pacific counterparts, Atlantic salmon are anadromous, meaning they live in the ocean as adults, but swim upriver to spawn.  Despite having the evolutionary advantage of being able to spawn … Continue reading

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Interesting Times at NOAA

I live!  Thanksgiving break lead into one of the busiest academic times I’ve ever had.  When I was working on my Master’s, I used to think PhD Comics were hyperbole, that there was no way it could be that bad.  … Continue reading

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