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New Dogfish Species Found in Taiwanese Fish Market

The Order Squaliformes, home to the dogfish sharks, is one of the most diverse groups of sharks currently swimming the oceans, second only to the Carcharhiniformes in sheer number of species.  Within that order is the Family Squalidae, made up … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Irene

Most of the east coast is now digging its way out from under whatever Hurricane Irene dumped on them, and can say with some certainty that Irene was nothing like Earl.  Eastern North Carolina got whacked early on, where new … Continue reading

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Hello, Irene

Here she comes… We’re getting the first rains from Hurricane Irene in Greenville right now, though the storm doesn’t truly make landfall until around 8 a.m. tomorrow.  Though she’s been downgraded to a Category 2, she still has the potential … Continue reading

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Eventful Day

Today was my first day of classes as I embark on my journey to PhDdom (while finishing off my Masters thesis… yeesh…) but that was far from the most exciting thing that happened today.  North Carolina is likely about to … Continue reading

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Sharks of the Jersey Shore

Just got back from a little pre-school-year vacation visiting the Hot Girlfriend up in New Jersey, which has seen its share of shark sightings this summer.  New Jersey has a long history with sharks, what with the first high-profile string … Continue reading

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Hunting Bull Sharks in the Neuse

Yesterday I got the chance to wake up before dawn and head down to Morehead City to help out Duke PhD student Meagan Dunphy-Daly in her research on bull sharks and their habits in the Neuse River.  She has a … Continue reading

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Harpoon Fishing is Totally Badass

Bycatch is a huge problem in commercial fishing operations.  The need to make trips out on the water worth the expenses of gas, gear, and work-hours means that often commercial gear is designed to capture as many fish as possible … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Shark Week 2011

As you may have noticed, a little thing called Shark Week was on TV this week.  It’s long been something of a Super Bowl for shark fans, and has more recently become a pop culture phenomenon.  It can be said … Continue reading

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