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Happy Shark Week

Love it or hate it, Shark Week is in its 24th year and starts tonight.  I’ve been watching since I was a small child, and though some seasons have certainly been better than others, this year’s line-up is looking good, … Continue reading

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101 Uses for Shark Puke Part 2: How Much Do Sharks Eat?

The last time I wrote about the usefulness of shark puke, I discussed a few of the less obvious uses of diet studies on sharks.  As apex predators, sharks can sample a wide variety of potential prey species, and diet … Continue reading

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Win: PCS Withdraws Sulfur Burning Plant

Governor Bev Perdue traveled to Morehead City this afternoon to announce that Potash/PCS Phosphate is voluntarily withdrawing their plans to put a sulfur burning plant in the State Port in Morehead City.  This is after almost instantaneous and spirited public … Continue reading

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North Carolina Shark Round-up

In case you think I’ve been too wrapped up in my old home’s sharks, here’s a recap of the latest shark news from my new home.  North Carolina is plenty sharky, even if Jaws itself only makes rare appearances.

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PCS Phosphate Tries to Sneak Sulfur Burning Plant Into Morehead City

Something downright dirty is happening in the Morehead City Port, and it could potentially impact one of the most active parts of the North Carolina coast.  PCS Phosphate, a division of Potash Corporation, is apparently trying to sneak a sulfur … Continue reading

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New England Great White Round-up

Most of my linking now takes place on Twitter, but I thought it’s about high time I did a quick recap of the summer’s New England great white sightings so far.  It’s looking to be the sharkiest summer so far, … Continue reading

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Get Psyched for Tidewater ’12

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my brief time off as much as I have.  While I don’t necessarily consider blogging to be work, the two tend to coincide more often than blogging and vacation.  So in that spirit, let’s get back … Continue reading

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AES 2011: The Aftermath and Aquarium

Yesterday marked the last day of shark talks and the always-entertaining AES banquet.  Congrats to gentleman, scholar, and friend to the blog Andy Nosal for picking up the Gruber Award for student presentations. Reptile and fish talks continued until 5 … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 4

Today marked the last official day of shark talks at JMIH/AES, though there will still be plenty of bony fish a reptile talks tomorrow.  Most likely I’ll be exploring Minneapolis, and then it’s time for the long trip back and … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 3

Time for the recap of day 3 of JMIH/AES 2011.  Read on below the jump…

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