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We’re Back!

Due to a number of fun server issues, Ya Like Dags? (and the entire SFS network, for that matter) has been down for the past couple days.  But rest assured, rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Consider this … Continue reading

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Some Announcements

Just a few quick announcements as I figure out what the next “real” post will be. First off, visitors to the site last night probably found that they couldn’t get this, or any of the awesome blogs on The Network … Continue reading

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Protected Sharks Still Eat Fish

Amid the constant talk of lowered biodiversity, invasive species, habitat destruction, global climate change, and any other examples of how thoroughly we as a species have wrecked the planet, it’s always good to hear an actual success story in conservation.  … Continue reading

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The Future of Sharks

Tip o’ the hat to @sharksandlasers for linking to this (Twitter is actually useful!).  The PEW Environmental Group has released a report on the state of shark fisheries worldwide, and it contains some interesting facts and figures.  You can download … Continue reading

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How to Not Catch Dogfish

Even the biggest fan of spiny dogfish can’t deny that these little sharks sure are great at choking up entire nets.  This is especially problematic for commercial fishermen who are trying to catch anything other than dogfish, and particularly for … Continue reading

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Sphyrna linkwini

It’s been a rather busy weekend/week here due to catching up on grading and attempting to get my thesis done and defended sometime before the next school year, but fear not, I haven’t forgotten you.  Because other people manage to … Continue reading

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Spring Dogfish Sightings

It’s that time of year again, when spiny dogfish theoretically head out from North Carolina waters on their way back up to New England for the summer.  However, last year there were reports of dogfish sticking around Morehead City and … Continue reading

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Sustainable Swordfish?

A while ago I wrote about the attempt to get the Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery certified as sustainable.  It seems the MSC has come under fire for certifying another fishery that has a significant impact on sharks: the Canadian swordfish … Continue reading

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Well, There Goes Productivity

I’ve finally broken down and started a Twitter feed.  I can only assume this will end in tears.  Follow me @SpinyDag.

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Sharks Join the Good Fight

As some readers may be aware, lionfish are in the process of making a massive invasion into the Atlantic, dominating reefs in the Caribbean and southern U.S., and even appearing as far north as southern New England.  JohnnyScallops has been … Continue reading

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