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Orcas Spotted off Oregon Inlet

And you thought dogfish stealing your catch was bad…  Recently a group of fishermen looking for bluefin tuna off of Oregon Inlet here in North Carolina’s very own Outer Banks had quite the show as a pod of orcas appeared … Continue reading

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Migration into the Network

While I wasn’t paying attention, another blog joined The Network.  A warm welcome to From Alevin to Adult, a blog about all the interesting things salmon do before they finally hit your plate.  It’ll definitely be food for thought when … Continue reading

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Who Gets to Fish for Dogfish?

I meant to write about this earlier this month after attending the public comment session related to the spiny dogfish fisheries management plan (FMP).  Since it’s taken this long to actually sit down and write about it, this post isn’t … Continue reading

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Adding to the Blogroll

While I find time to put something more substantial up here, here are some nifty blogs I’ve stumbled across in the past week or so. -For those who liked my post on tagged fish being eaten by sharks, check out … Continue reading

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Unintentional Shark Tagging

This might possibly be the most awesome paper about tagging fish ever. One of the handiest advances in telemetry, especially of large, highly-migratory oceanic species, has been the advent of PSAT tags.  These tags do it all: movement, depth, temperature, … Continue reading

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Galinkocerdo cuvieri

I had grand designs of getting caught back up with the blog, but those were thwarted by thesis writing, teaching, grading… plus St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness.  Turns out I do have a tiny sliver of a life outside … Continue reading

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Tidewater ’11 Recap

After a brief blogcation due to lots of travel around Spring Break (woooo!), I’m back in action.  While I was gone I attended the 25th anniversary meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter, which includes the AFS subunits from North Carolina, … Continue reading

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Spring Break Baby!

Apologies for the slow posting here this week.  I’ve just gotten back from visiting The Hot Girlfriend in Jersey, now I’m prepping my badass presentation for the AFS Tidewater Conference, where I’ll be for the rest of the week.  Regular … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: Gloucester, VA

It’s time for yet another stop on the Chuck Won’t Shut Up About His Research Tour.  Next weekend I’ll be up in Gloucester, Virginia (not Massachusetts) for the annual meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter.  It’ll be taking place at … Continue reading

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