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Elasmobranch Fail from Animal Planet

Animal Planet has an article up called the Top 10 Most Endangered Fish Species, which is a pretty good light read and gets most of its facts straight.  It gets kudos for having some species that don’t normally make this … Continue reading

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Striped Bass Eat Too Much

Ah, the majestic striped bass. It’s been called the “perfect fish” by enthusiastic anglers, and represents one of the greatest successes of fisheries management in North America. It fights like a demon when hooked and is delicious when baked. Anglers … Continue reading

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Interesting Dogfish Behavior from YouTube

I think anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis can agree that, overall, YouTube is good stuff.  It has its pitfalls for sure: bad karaoke, those stupid “jump scare” videos, and don’t even read the comments if any … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkbatus

Apologies for the long lag time between posts this week.  Let’s catch up. From Rick over at Deep Sea News: Holy crap that’s a lot of bull sharks! Remind me to find some way to do my PhD research in … Continue reading

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SDAFS Podcasts Up

Tip o’ the hat to Dan at the Endolymph for making me aware of this.  The podcasts from the Southern Division AFS meeting are now available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Apparently due to technical difficulties you won’t … Continue reading

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Sharks > Marlin

Tip o’ the hat to Underwater Thrills for linking to this amazing set of photographs.  Underwater photographer Alistair McGlashan was in the water taking shots of fishermen releasing a marlin when a shortfin mako whipped past him and proceeded to … Continue reading

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Resource Partitioning in Sharks – How Predators Get Along

I’ve reached a point in the analysis and writing of my thesis where I can start exploring the ecological concepts behind my results, which inspired me to put up this little post here.  In the marine environment, there is often … Continue reading

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Mustelus linkus

Another round of shark news links.  Enjoy. The biggest news is likely the release of the International Shark Attack File’s annual report.  The main gist: shark attacks are up worldwide, down in the US.  Of course that high is a … Continue reading

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Porbeagles Continue to Rebound in Canada

It’s been quite some time since the last time I’ve written about porbeagles.  This cold-water shark is encountered relatively often off the coast of New England, where it is both a respectable sportfish (albeit one not fished as often as … Continue reading

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Awesome Scientific Names of Marine Creatures

I’ve had quite the busy week this week, and because some of it was actually work, I’m feeling the need for nice, light, humorous post today.  I had a flash of inspiration today while teaching (it was dichotomous key day, … Continue reading

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