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Happy 2011

2010 will be ending in about 9 and a half hours, so happy new year!  Remember to indulge responsibly.  If you’re trying to decide what booze to celebrate the demise of 2010 with, might I suggest Squid’s Fist and Shark … Continue reading

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Shark Finning, Fisheries, and Smooth Dogfish

I’m fashionably late to this party due to the holidays, but let’s see what I can do.  The shark blogs have been abuzz with the news that the Senate has passed the Shark Conservation Act, which is a big win … Continue reading

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Merry Fishmas!

Posting has been sporadic here of late thanks to the holiday season and company visiting.  I’ll be resuming regular updates in a few days.  Until then, happy holidays and only overdo the eggnog when appropriate.

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Wolves at the Door: Shark Interactions with Aquaculture

In the greater spectrum of shark/human interactions, the majority of encounters undoubtedly take place between sharks and fishermen, even if encounters between sharks and swimmers get all the press.  However, that aquaculture is becoming more widespread as a use of … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkus

I keep trying to quit these link posts, but the amount of cool stuff on the internet just keeps pulling me back in… Over at The Endolymph, Dan shows us how concepts from otolith microchemistry can also be applied to … Continue reading

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Positive Media for Dogfish

Tip o’ the hat to commenter Jason R. for this video, which single-handedly brightened by day.

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They’re Baaaack

It’s that time of year again.  The days are shorter, the air is colder, and every so often (even in North Carolina) it snows.  Also, the dogfish are back in North Carolina waters snowbirding it up.

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Always a Bigger Fish Part 1 – Dogfish as Predators

I’ve found myself with some breathing room between grading my students and studying for my own exams, so it’s time to write up a post I’ve been thinking about for a while.  I’ve been wanting to do a quick summary … Continue reading

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The Whole Challenger Expedition – Online

Tip o’ the hat to Mike L for this sweet find.  The manuscripts and plates from the Challenger expedition are available in their entirety online.  This is a huge boon for ocean nerds, and I intend to spend considerable time … Continue reading

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