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Carnival of the Blue Sharks

This month’s Carnival of the Blue is over at the Saipan Blog, and has a major focus on those cartilaginous predators we all know and love.  Posts by me and network-mate David are up over there, as well as some … Continue reading

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There’s an Ocean of Pseudoscience Out There

In honor of a fresh new semester for us grad students (and for those non-grad students reading this, the rest of you whippersnappers too), the Southern Fried Science Network has declared this week to Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, complete with … Continue reading

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Will Dogfish Actually be Sustainable?

A little while ago the story broke that the spiny dogfish fishery is petitioning the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for sustainability certification.  This came less than two months after NMFS declared the US Atlantic spiny dogfish stock officially recovered.  This … Continue reading

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There Goes Earl

Hurricane Earl petered out off the coast of North Carolina just before it hit, dropping from a behemoth Category 4 storm to Category 2.  Now it’s down to Category 1 and headed north.  Aside from some street flooding in the … Continue reading

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Here Comes Earl

It’s looking like Earl might hit the east coast harder than any storm since Hurricane Bob (which I watched as a child way back in ’91 as it destroyed half the trees in my yard in Rhode Island).  Evacuations have … Continue reading

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