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Crawling Back Up on the Beach

Apologies for the posts being a little thin here of late.  Between issues with our friendly local cable provider (rhymes with “Buddenlink”) and having to put entire days into getting my talk/teaching/classwork ready, I certainly haven’t been bored this past … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion

If anyone is in or near the ECU area around lunchtime on Monday, you should probably stop in and check out a certain handsome devil giving a talk on dogfish feeding habits.  Just sayin’.

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This Post is Full of Awesome

Two awesome things in this post: first, a family near Provincetown, Mass. captured footage of a great white feeding on a seal right off the beach.  Bonus: this clip is from channel 12 in Rhode Island. Secondly, my good friend … Continue reading

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Meet the New Dogfish, Same as the Old Dogfish

Recently Will over at Bomai Cruz posed the question, “what determines a species?“  This is a relevant question for spiny dogfish research, since much of what is currently known about Squalus acanthias comes from work on the very well-studied north … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Tagged!

Apparently there’s a little meme going around the science blogging community where “bloggers of substance” are tagged and have to answer a couple questions.  I was tagged by Mike over at Cephalove and now I’ve been suckered in.  So here … Continue reading

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Stomach Content Analysis: Halfway!

Today I finished the day by going over my 204th set of stomach contents.  Given a total sample size of 399 (I know, I know, I couldn’t just get an even 400), that puts me at officially a little over … Continue reading

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Well, That Was Fast

So as of June 23rd the spiny dogfish stock in the US Atlantic was declared officially recovered.  Now, as of August 3rd, the fishery is apparently petitioning the Marine Stewardship Council for sustainability certification.  Now, I enjoy getting good news … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Officially Recovered

I’m embarrassingly late in finding out about this, especially given that spiny dogfish and fisheries management are two of the main focuses of this blog, but the latest issue of Fisheries includes a blurb about the classification of the spiny … Continue reading

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Fleeing Prey Gives Away Predators

I’ve been remiss in reading Greg Laden’s blog, though it’s familiar to plenty of other science bloggers.  However, after reading a couple recent posts of his that showed up on Research Blogging (which I think anyone with an interest in … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue

I ended up getting just enough reliable internet today to find out that my post on skates migrating into Georges Bank from Canada has shown up on the Carnival of the Blue over at Arthropoda.  Go check it out and … Continue reading

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