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The Jaws of Death: How Spiny Dogfish Destroy Their Prey

One of the paradoxes of public opinion on dogfish is that they’re simultaneously considered a swimming wall of teeth annihilating everything in their path and wussy, poor excuses for sharks.  I’ve heard a lot of hearsay about the “weak bite” … Continue reading

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New England Sharks Still Sharkin’ Around

The hits just keep coming from Cape Cod (and Underwater Times).  I almost can’t keep up with all the Carcharodon carcharias-related news coming out of my old motherland. The first successful tagging of one of this year’s great whites happened … Continue reading

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Shark News Briefs

Not really a true post, but there are a couple noteworthy shark-related items available on the internet today that I wanted to make people aware of. First off, in response to my post on the general lack of trustworthiness in … Continue reading

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North Carolina Has Sharks Too

I post quite a bit on the sharks of my homeland of New England, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that I neglect my current station here in North Carolina.  I’m actually woefully late in writing about this … Continue reading

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You Just Can’t Trust Dolphins

The title of this post has been a personal philosophy of mine for a while, and one of the things that makes me glad to be a part of the Southern Fried Science network is that I am among like-minded … Continue reading

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Feeding Habits Analysis: Revenge

Every so often someone thinks they’re clever and sends me this video.  I’ll not sully this blog by actually embedding it, but here’s the gist: a Pacific giant octopus eats a spiny dogfish.  Usually this is accompanied by something along … Continue reading

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Elasmobranch “Outbreak” Caused by Migration?

One of the most contentious topics on modern fisheries management and elasmobranch ecology has been the supposed “explosion” of skates and dogfish in Georges Bank.  The fact that this coincided with the crash in commercially important groundfish populations (cod, haddock, … Continue reading

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Has the Oil Stopped?

Apparently it all could go to hell again in the next 48 hours, but it appears that BP’s latest cap has worked, and the leak has stopped, for now.  So how do we celebrate?  By unleashing the Sharktopus, of course.

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Cape Cod Great Whites on the Beach

The Dorsal Fin has posted a story from Cape Cod on yet another confirmed sighting of a large great white hanging out in shallow water.  It also has a nifty little video showing interviews with swimmers and lifeguards at the … Continue reading

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Sold Out

Welcome all from the old site, and those of you who may have just spotted this little corner of the internet over on The Gam.  As a quick introduction, I am Chuck, a grad student and Rhode Islander currently working … Continue reading

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