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The Ya Like Dags? Social Guide to Rhode Island

Two posts in two days?  It’s like I’m a real blogger all the sudden. The occasion for this post is that next week I’ll be participating in the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.  I’ll be presenting a poster on … Continue reading

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First New England Great White of 2010

I’m headed back up to my motherland of Rhode Island next week for the Joint Meeting of Icthyologists and Herpetologists (mainly because of the heavy AES presence there), and it seems the great whites are going to be there to … Continue reading

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Feeding Habits Analysis: Detective Work Part 2

In my previous post on the detective work necessary for any good feeding habits analysis, I lamented the apparent lack of a “one-stop shop” for looking up fish scales (at least as far as I’ve been able to find).  In … Continue reading

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Marine Rewilding?

It’s amazing what you’ll catch in the letters to the editor sometimes.  In the latest issue of Fisheries Magazine is a classic back-and-forth editorial origination from an article by researcher John. C. Briggs.  At first my interest was piqued simply … Continue reading

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Angry Post

You may have noticed that I haven’t been saying much about the white elephant (or big black blob) in the ocean.  This is for two reasons: first, I try to stick to my main subjects here, which are dogfish, shark … Continue reading

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Feeding Habits Analysis: Detective Work

As anyone who’s ever done a diet study will tell you, you end up getting a lot of unverifiable gunk in your study animal’s stomach contents.  Sometimes enough of the consistency remains that you can tell generally what this chunk … Continue reading

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New England Great Whites Return

Here’s an incredibly timely news item, given that my last post was a little Carcharodon carcharias humor and I’m watching “Expedition Great White” as I write this.  Last summer five great whites were tagged with satellite tracking tags as they … Continue reading

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New House, New Pet?

I’ll be moving into a new apartment next month, and I’ve been wondering whether I want to get a pet to take advantage of the extra space.  Thanks to Rob for bringing this to my attention and helping me with … Continue reading

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Woo! 50th post!

6 months, 50 posts.  Not a bad pace so far.  As the world watches the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and I prepare for another boat trip out to Cape Lookout (now that we’ve found the holdover population, … Continue reading

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The Great Memorial Day Dogfish Hunt

Earlier I posted on a population of spiny dogfish that seem to be hanging out south of Cape Hatteras long after they are supposed to have migrated north.  As of this past weekend stories of spiny dogfish stealing bait and … Continue reading

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