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Lame Apologetic Post

Sorry about the sudden drop in activity.  It’s term paper season here in North Carolina and all the writing I’ve been doing lately has been going towards those.  There are a lot of things I want to write about here … Continue reading

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Man vs. Squid – Your Salmon Need You!

And fishermen thought spiny dogfish were bad… From Humboldt squid (Docidicus gigas) are undoubtedly badass animals.  Growing up to 6 feet long, capable of living in virtually oxygen-free water, and occasionally cooperating to drag divers to their doom, this … Continue reading

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Ew, Just Ew

As a budding marine scientist, I’ve had to see fish dismember themselves in fishing gear, dissect things that look like they crawled out of the Star Wars cantina, dispose of rapidly-thawing specimens dated from 2003 (while the wind was blowing … Continue reading

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Rhode Island Flooding

The Warwick Mall in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Photo from the Providence Journal. I’ve been really remiss on posting about this before, but the state of Rhode Island was nearly sunk by heavy rainfall this week.  The rain has finally stopped … Continue reading

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CITES and Sharks – The Sordid History

I wanted to post this earlier while it was still a bit more timely, but then real life got in the way. The big news last week was the complete smackdown of conservation efforts for marine species at CITES (even … Continue reading

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